Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Fire of Love

Fire has been flowing inside me,
Its not for love or anger,
It’s the pain for being in a place,
Where everyone seems like a stranger…..

Some say there is good in me,
Its not me, just my soul,
Truth is what, I also know,
I am not diamond, just a piece of coal…..

Wished for love, I got it,
I doubt on, its sincerity,
My actions fastened the pace of,
Negative impacts on my prosperity…..

I am not unique, there are many more,
None of them, has got you,
There are just two, I trust now,
My shadow, other is you…..

I conserve everything you have given to me,
May it be the love or pain gifted to me,
I am still searching for someone like you,
If it was possible I would not have loved you…..