Monday, 10 October 2011

I love u

“Rahul, I love her yaar. Help me, I cant say to her.”

This is what I get to hear often. Every week one of my friends would find their “true love”. Then the whole sentimental scenario begins until they find their next “true love”. This is common, in case of boys who are simple and good guys. God knows what makes them so scared just to say I LOVE YOU to a girl.

Today something was different. It was not any of those Mr. A but my dear friend Miss X.

In India, if you are a girl, you are sure to get atleast 1 proposal in your lifetime. Its easy for them for they rarely get an opportunity to propose a guy. This favour has turned into ego of these stupid girls. They think it to be against their self-respect to take the initiative of saying these three simple words. They will say a hell lot of meaningless things to guys but not I LOVE YOU.

The guy was unknown for me. I couldn’t help her much other than boosting her up. She was better than me at public speaking. She was not at all shy and had the capability of scaring a ghost. Wow, even she is scared of the three most romantic words.

“You know he loves me too.”
“Oh, he said that.”
“No, but the way he treats me, I feel so. He cares about my every little detail.”

You mustn’t let a girl continue the story until you are free for next hour.

“Then you must say it to him.”
“How can I say?”
“Call him. When he picks up the phone, say I LOVE YOU.”
“I am a girl yaar, he should propose first.”

I love to argue. Knowing that girls are better at this, I started. Half an hour later, I had given various examples and motivational speeches and she would always run in a circle and come to her favourite part that she is a girl. I lost it.

Two weeks later, her friend who studied in her class proposed her. She said no, and cried a lot wishing it had been her “Mr. Y”.

Three months have passed. 
Mr. Y still loves her but has not yet proposed. My friend has become the girlfriend of Mr. A. The guy proposed again and this time turned it into acceptance. My friend Miss. X is very happy with him but just wishes Mr. Y to know that he was her 1st love. 


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