Thursday, 13 October 2011

I love my friends

Boasting about the circle of friends,
I felt lonely one day,
I knew it was just for a while,
But I got scared today….

My friends love me the way I am,
I don’t care what others say,
They say I am as hard to get,
Like a needle in a pile of hay….

They completely changed my mentality,
The changes were amazing to know,
They said it was my childishness,
Which earlier I considered to be my ego….

They never complained if I ignored them,
I was running for the filthy fame,
When the mistake was from their side,
I wish I could behave the same….

I thought I was the chosen one,
They let me live in dreams,
My attitude with anger were ignored,
My happiness was preferred it seems….

They knew I could hear the truth,
But lies were their major part,
God knows who told my deep dark secret,
That I was weak from the heart….

My friends are great and pure by heart,
They will forgive me without explanation,
I am not weak to say sorry to them,
May be its just my imagination….

Sitting in my room all alone now,
Names is all I could remember,
For in the rain of passing time,
I forgot to renew myself as a member….


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