Friday, 14 October 2011


A sweet poem for my dear friend Ankita. 

She is sweet, she is cute,
Posses the most wonderful smile,
She can make you fall in love,
With her unique funtoosh style…..

Lucky to have such a friend,
It’s a bad luck for her,
Hates to be called an angel,
So can’t even nickname her…..

She loves to hear good about her,
Hardly have I ever done,
Her qualities make me feel jealous,
I have not got even one…..

Don’t dare you flirt with her,
Her innocence is just a devise,
Her anger can remind you of,
Worst thunders of the sky…..

If you wanna get attention of her,
She loves 5-star with almonds,
Her heart is a mine of coal,
Filled inside with diamonds…..

Her trust is power of her,
She would die for a friend,
We love her, the way she is,
Love is, all we send…….


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