Friday, 4 November 2011

Will You Love Me?

Few days ago, chatting on facebook my friend said that it’s easy to write on love. One just needs to imagine about it and start writing.  Though none of the feelings of this world can be described without actually feeling it, which is totally my personal opinion. I didn’t wanna argue with her but I just tried to write something on it. After all, it’s my favourite word.
What’s love?  A question asked by almost every teenager. No one bets to know the answer but you can get a whole range of answers. It’s tough for me to answer this. I never had one. Hey! I am not talking about the love I get from my mother or brother or family members.  I would be lucky in that case but with a girl I am a bit unlucky.

I was infatuated for someone some time ago but that was not love. I forgot her soon after she left the place. I even felt once that my dark complexion was the cause for less number of girls falling for me. My brother who is said to be my look alike is fair and is quite handsome. So looks couldn’t lessen the number.

Leaving my case aside, let’s talk about love. Gosh, it’s real hard. Hey, don’t mind for I am trying to steal some ideas from the movies. Let’s take all time favourite kuch kuch hota hai, dil to pagal hai, SRK movies basically. Na,old enough for this generation. Why not vivah? Many would hate this idea of saying a love story in it but I like that movie. You can curse me for liking it. The actors played such great characters. It’s an ideal case just like our physics where all the questions are solved by assumption and nothing actually happens. What about these latest movies. Huh, it’s not real. Violins are never played while loving someone. All these ideas are so fake. May be, they are real. I don’t have any experience after all.

I am getting diverted. I got to say about love. But the thing is that I don’t know at all about it. Let’s describe love story of my friends. No one would know and also can’t doubt for something which is true. Naaa, its cheating. After all they just tell me what they did, not how they feel. Ahhh, it’s so tough to write about such a simple and common thing.

Hmmmm, lets imagine something. What could one feel after falling in love? Love ends the feeling of making yourself complete. Love gives you a reason to believe in god. Love lets you enjoy the pain.
        इश्क  का  आलम  होता  ही  ऐसा ,
        तन्हाई  में  भी  खुशियों  के  जैसा ,
        हर  आशिक  से  पूछ  लेना  तुम  यारो ,
        मोहब्बत  से  बढ़कर  नशा  न  होता |
Love is something divine and pure. What shit I am writing. There are more break-ups than proposals. Love can’t be divine and not at all pure. So what is love? I got to write something dude. Please god, help me. He is so partial no. God grants love to some, many times in their life but have not allowed me to become even a one-sided lover.
What the hell, I never even had one-sided love. Holy crap, It’s the biggest crime I have done till now. Help me friends. Please, I request you guys help me find someone. I wanna feel the beauty of loving someone. I wish to care for someone more than my life. I wish to wait and still not be angry for being late. I want to buy gifts and bring surprises in someone’s life. I want to make someone feel that love is both pure and divine. Hey! Will you love me?

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  1. Love - what is it. Its not a word, its a feeling - a magical feeling. Its love wen u seek happiness even in thinking about her. Its love wen u close ur eyes and see only dat 1 face. Its love wen however worse the situation may be, u naturally get a smile on seeing her. Its love wen u start seeing d world from a different, lovely angle and the whole world seems to b a much much better place and u stop hating the people u once despised of. Love is the combination of all the drops of joy which give u bucket full of dreams and sweet memories to bathe with. Love is life - naaaaaaaaah, but its something without which ur life seems too empty and difficult like a fish without water, like food without salt, like this beautiful world without eyes, like Raj without simraN ;-). and as the tagline of the movie Bommarillu goes - "Love makes Life beautiful"